WordPress Hosting

Web hosting is attributed as one of the most important aspects determining the success of a website. Business owners with the help of SEO friendly content on their website can generate leads and enhance sales. To facilitate them, ‘Vital aims’ offer WordPress hosting service in conjunction with all types of web hosting solutions. Content Management System (CMS) enabled web hosting allows the businesses to not only improve and maintain their organic ranking but attract potential customers as well. WordPress is lightly scripted which makes it one of the most popular CMS application compatible with nearly all web hosting accounts.


‘Vital aims’ has maintained a developed reputation with the clientele throughout the operating period. We work on the policy of creating value for our clients and hence ensure delivery of quality service. We offer customized services in this regard. WordPress installation is completely hassle-free and just a matter of single click from our control panel. This allows the website of our client to be up and running within a few minutes in comparison to manual installation which might take up to days. Moreover, our service is completely customize-able to suit our clients’ needs. Themes, plug-ins and add-ons of their choice are made functional on the website.

We utilize state-of-art tools and equipment for hosting purpose, so that any site changes are accomplished without crashing the website. We also offer advisory services to those who are new in the town of CMS backed websites. We choose the most appropriate themes and plug-ins and save their time and effort.

We offer real time monitoring and technical support to our clients. We regularly scan the site and fix against hacking tries. We also offer in-house speed solutions for immediate loading of web pages. Feedbacks are required to be filled by the clients on a regular basis to keep a check on the quality of our service and client satisfaction. As a result, we have seen unfaltering views about the quality of our service on behalf of our clients. We free our clients from the hassle of upgrading. It is a part of our hosting service.

We have categorized our plans, according to the number of WordPress Installs and accompanying features such as data transfer, visits per month and local storage. The various plans are designed to cater clients having diverse needs and budget. We offer affordable services so that you can make the most of WordPress hosting without putting a constraint on your pocket.